It is a cosmetic that has been approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for its hair loss alleviation.

Hair loss prevention product is functional cosmetics and not medicine products. Please check when purchasing hair loss products made by other companies whether it is "functional cosmetics."

Yes it can. There are those who use the product to prevent hair loss. It will definitely help make healthy scalp and hair.

Yes it can. Dr.Graft products can be used by all regardless of age and gender.

It is a product that can be safely used during pregnancy. But it is best to consult with professional doctor as skin turns sensitive and hormone changes can result in troubles during pregnancy.

Dr.Graft Scalp Tonic contains high functional ingredients. So, when used too many times, it can rather leave the scalp in fatigue state and thus we recommend using the Tonic for twice daily.

Yes it is. The Menthol gives you the cool feeling. As Menthol is one of the functional ingredients for alleviating hair loss, it is an ingredient that will help alleviate hair loss symptoms. Be relieved.

The surfactant contained in Dr.Graft Scalp Shampoo is EWG Green Grade natural (coconut ingredients) surfactants.

As the cause of hair loss is often a combination of genetic and scalp problem, do not give up early and use the product continuously for enhance effects.

Yes. It is helpful for all types of hair loss. However, M-shaped hair loss and hair loss due to genetic reason need sufficient amount of time for care. We recommend using the product continuously for enhanced effects.


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